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Inflatable Kayak Manufacturers

There are a lot of inflatable kayak manufacturers making a wide variety of types and shapes of inflatable kayaks and canoes in a range of price brackets suited to a range of purposes. We hope that the table below will help you to sort out what you are looking for.

Look out for package deals when buying an inflatable canoe or kayak as they often come with some combination of paddles, buoyancy aid, pump, repair kit, detachable skeg etc. Take a good look at whether the extra's you are getting are what you would have chosen if you were buying separately and whether the package is actually giving you good value.

You will find this most useful if you use it in conjunction with this more general information on inflatable kayaks that covers uses, shapes, sizes, contruction and materials.

Table of Inflatable Kayak Manufacturers


Price Range

Materials Used


 Advanced Element


PVC coated Polyester layers

Wide range of models including sophisticated shapes and constructions. SUPs as well as kayaks and canoes



Heavy duty, seven layer polymer coated fabric that is joined inside by thousands of drop-stitch fibers

High pressure 6psi boats two singles and a double plus SUPs



Commercial grade Duratex hull material blended with a rugged 600 denier polyester.

Various models and SUPs. Top end boats have high pressure 6-10psi floor with 2psi side chambers - cheaper craft have I beam 1psi floor



Several materials including PVC, urethane, dacron and polyester

Top end models have high-pressure 3.5 psi inflatable hull/6.5 psi floor



($1000 SUP)

Outer shell - 840 denier marine nylon; Hull - durable 34 gauge PVC mesh (tent tarp fabric) Viewing Panels - Clear 40 gauge PVC, durable enough to stand on

Clear floor provides viewing panels and a SUP


Of the order of $2700 and higher

Rubber compound/ polyester based material probably very durable.

Interesting range including big canoes to take large fleet of children. High end! High pressure = Rigid

Gummotex (sold as Innova in USA)

$400 - $1650

We think rubber compound/ polyester based material probably very durable.

Range of sizes and shapes including up to 4 person rafts. High pressure = Rigid



840D Nylon, Tri-laminated 500D PVC Tarpaulin

 3 models for 1 - 3 people


Around $1800

1000 Denier PVC with drop stitched floor

Includes a "Mirage" pedal mechanism to paddle with your feet. Is this still kayaking? Also attachment for a sail

Innova ( see Gummotex )



30 gauge PVC

Very easy to find advertised all the time on ebay, argos, amazon. Includes "Oars" and pump.

Sea Eagle

a Range at $800-$1000 plus a $250 version

1,000 denier polyester-supported high-pressure fabric with drop stitch floor - cheaper models 33 mil Polykrylar

Includes a twin hulled catamaran that can take an engine or a sail and inflatable  SUPs


$100 - $400

Nylon hull with coated fabric bottom for stiffness and protection

A range of models including a SUP