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Purple Paddler aims to provide the information you are looking for when you put in a search engine query. We would also like to become a central source of information about all sorts of paddling. Where we don't provide answers ourselves we'll be looking for the best resources out there and directing you to them.


Get Paddling

Canoes & Kayaks



  • Canadian Canoes
  • Outrigger Canoes
  • Stand Up Paddles boards
  • Dragon Boats



Roofracks, Storage & Transport

  • Trailers
  • Racking and Trolleys

Buying & Selling Canoes & Kayaks

  • Buying New
  •     Outfitters / Suppliers
  • Buying Second Hand
  •     Second hand sale sites
  • Reviews
  • Kayak Rental


Canoeing & Kayaking

Getting Started

  • Basic Technique
  • Not sure where more advanced techique information will go yet


  • Sea Kayaking
  • Kayak Fishing ( including fishing from Canoes)
  • Touring (Including Canoe touring)
  • White Water Kayaking


  • Not quite worked out how to avoid canoe & kayak duplication yet....
  • Canoe Strokes & Technique
  • Out-Rigger Canoeing
  • Stand Up PaddleBoarding (SUPs)
  • Dragon Boating

Trips, Tours & Holidays

  • A big section not worked out the deatil yet!

Canoe & Kayak Clubs

The Competition Scene


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