Multi coloured sea Kayaks
White Water Paddler in pink kayak

Sit in and Sit on Kayaks for Fishing

There are lots of options when it comes to choose the kayak that you go fishing in, firstly from the cost point of view you can get on the water fishing from around $370, but most fishing kayaks retail for around $550 upwards, to a certain extent the more you pay the more features you can expect to be built into the fishing kayak. Then if you wish to pay around the $2300 mark the you can get a propel kayak, this type of fishing kayak is moved along through the water by cycling and this drives a small propeller under the fishing kayak. One of the most important things to think about before you buy your fishing kayak, is how are you going to transport it. The smaller fishing kayaks weigh in at about 30kg and can easily be carried on most car roof racks and the larger models such as propel kayaks will weigh in at about 46Kg, which will be fine on a lot of car roofs, but don't forget that you have to lift them on and off the roof though. Sit in fishing kayaks will give you a bit more protection from the weather and small waves, whilst the sit on top type of kayak will be preferred by some people because you will not feel quite so enclosed as you will on the sit in kayak. Generally the most popular type is the sit on top kayak.

Before you start to narrow down the type of kayak you use for fishing, it is well worth thinking about what sorts of extra equipment you need on your kayak. The list of available extras that are available for fishing kayaks is fantastic, some examples are - Bottle holder, cup holder, rod holders, rudder system, ice storage pod, paddle keepers, live bait well, seat options, motor options, solo or tandem options and casting options - do you need to stand up when you cast. These are just some of the options that are already built into some of the fishing kayaks on the market, and it is well worth thinking about what you need on your kayak.

A good example of a well kitted out fishing kayak is the Field and Stream Eagle Talon Kayak which retails at $600, it is a 12ft one person sit on top kayak, with plenty of in built facilities such as front deck bungee cords, padded seat with adjustable backrest, rod holders, paddle parks, carry handles and a folding anchor, stern tank with mesh covering, to name some of the facilities.

If you want to go up in size then it may be worth considering the Pungo 140 Angler this fishing kayak is 14ft long and weighs 27kg. This kayak retails at about $1145, it is a sit in fishing kayak for the serious angler, the extra length gives more speed to get around on the water and because it is a sit in fishing kayak you will be able to get through small waves without getting wet.